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My Hobbies

I love theatre in London, surfing in the internet and movies. Fave literature: Shakespeare, especially the Scottish Play and I'm still dreaming of a doormat with the quote "What blew you hither?"; classics like "The Scarlett Letter", "Wuthering Heights"; the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell . My favourite movies are "Young Adam", "Atonement","Moulin Rouge","Romeo & Juliet"; British comedies like "Brassed Off","Saving Grace","Calender Girls","The English Man Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain"; romantic comedies like "Excess baggage", "A Life Less Ordinary", like "Pillow Talk","That Touch Of Mink"; BBC- Dramas like "Pride & Prejudice", "North & South" and "Lady Chatterley"; the Sharpe series, "Shameless" series, also the movies "Silkwood"," Coming Home", etc